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The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

Social Media Marketing has made it hard to know, how to commit time and resources since latter half of 2013. Social Media Marketing has become the necessity rather than trend and hence its 7 orientations will prove to be dominant in 2014. Content marketing, social media marketing diversity and many more, will knowingly or unknowingly become a harmony in businesses and entrepreneurs.

Valuable content will be focussed which will in turn increase inbound marketing

Earlier the entrepreneurs were limited to only some bigger networks and had bounded choice in their marketing campaigns but now it has extended into large arena that has promoted businesses in the more better way, like, Instagram, Tumblr etc. It has enabled its benefits so that it can easily reach the people and also to build up quality brand that is worth, pronounced and easily noticeable. The info graphic visualization has taken into consideration as they have got clear picture which delivers quality to traffic and with lesser content.


Social media changes the relationship between companies and customers from master and servant, to peer to peer.

Trends will not be luxuries but a pinch or say inevitability to have benefits over the hyper competition in the market. LinkedIn will be responsible for highest business to business growth as it is coming out to be greatest networking site, where you will find all people and organisations growing together, with larger sources of requests and customers feedback and also the flexibility in deals. Google+ will be raised high and high due to increased impact of social media marketing over increased population and traffic.

High intensity ruling of various factors in development concern will prove to be much better and healthy in organising a social media base and marketing campaigns. There will be a declination in Four Square and will be diminished very soon, at the same time my space; my love will be growing due to more iPhone app development. Social media representatives and social media specialists will be hired as every company will need the source of publicity, exposure and acknowledgement.

Top 7 Social Media marketing

At last from the conclusion point of view, I would like to sum up as; Social Media Marketing will not only benefit the organisations for higher growth, but will also take higher productivity, enhanced technology and more and more products into its strength due to more expectations, public response, high efforts and financial expedition. For now also it is spreading to extent, till 2014 it will have larger social networking networks, larger webs that will take the patent of all people around the world regarding every respect.

It will exaggerate; social signals i.e. search ranking algorithms, brand awareness, company branding, customer loyalty and trust, more audience reach and influence and word of mouth advertising.