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Dreadful Antagonism among Google, Apple and Facebook

Google, Apple and Facebook, all three, with their own credentials, are serving to millions in the world in their own niche. Facebook committed to social networks, Google was a search engine and Apple was limited to sell gadgets like computers. But now the scenario has changed. Google has launched its phones, same there with Apple and Facebook has started online payment services, committing that it’s just a beginning. Actually what competition can be there among them is not yet clear but all are running into same race depicts some fishy queries and statements.

Search Engine Algorithm is Good News for Serious Content Creators

Google is consistently increasing its search engine and after Hummingbird algorithm, it has taken out new steps of increasing its SEO strategies. Facebook is also giving its best in creating new and enhanced News Feeds and also other retailing and advertising apps. In the chase, Apple never stays back and hence making launch of newer and advanced iPhones and iPads. Recently what has been noticed that people has started spending more time on Facebook than Google, and the statistics says that Google has made 60 billion dollar business in its search empire whereas Facebook has got 6 billion dollar business besides of search engines. Thus we can imagine about Facebook’s progress with search engines in its own empire.

And now here comes Apple…

If you own an Apple handset, you may be amazed why Apple has Siri, and the answer is why to type searches if you can talk to your phones. And in case if Siri is improved than people running after Google searches will switch over to this and hence Apple who is not at all afraid of challenges will cross the frisk.

Mobile Application development, SEO and iPhone Application Development, all are actually enhanced and influenced by these three, thus vice versa. Facebook has already announced Graph Search, which is in turn a strong leading local search engine, highly competitive to Apple and Google, for whom, who wants to know more qualities about their friends and people.

Google’s Google Glass and Siri speak a lot and can be its conversational search right, which is most important to win. The search difference is in terms of Latent Search, which is something whose answer is unknown, supported by Facebook and White House History which gives some similar and known answers, by Google. Thus the final conclusion is about the remembrance of processing than expected results. Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are expanding rapidly into markets like media, TV, movies, finance, advertising, retail and mobile phones.

By competition the total amount of supply is increased, and by increase of the supply a competition in the sale ensues, and this enables the consumer to buy at lower rates. Of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of competition.