Android KitKat – New Upcoming Android OS Version

Apple fans were eagerly waiting for iOS 7 and at the same time Android lovers were not at all disappointed rather were excited for their sweet new treat KitKat commonly known to be Android 4.4. Keeping Android App Development in mind Android’s, new KitKat will bang the new release and thus will enable the system to grow in popularity.

Android is the operating system that rule over more than millions of smart phones and tablets.

Its presence directly delights your gadgets and hence its every version is named after a sweet or a dessert name just like, Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream sandwich and Jelly Bean. To put more temptation, android decided to give some tempting name to its new version and that was found KitKat.

Over that Android KitKat is going to launch in Google’s forthcoming handset, Nexus 7

The main motto was the beautiful presentation of its latest feature for everybody so that every user can have Android experience. The Google’s offer of version 4.2 and 4.3 were combined into Jelly Bean. Update 12.0 KitKat will make a launch on your Samsung or HTC, turning the interface into vanilla Android in place of Touch Wiz or sense. The 4.4 is going to be world’s best and easier version to manufacturers to integrate into their own road maps by offering broader firmware compatibility. It will definitely and for sure make updates to Android’s stock theme. It will in all ways beat iOS7 and will prove to have better UI.

Wider hardware support and exclusive cloud based system will make it far better and you will also have better battery life which is almost offered by all the companies. Its extreme battery stamina will enable it on “less power hungry mode” and will increase its efficiency. In addition, smoother screen orientation will be offered. Google has already been efficient in making malicious downloads. Camera icon, phone icons, notifications bar, control bar, all will be updated in a new way into Android KitKat on the Nexus 5.


Moving mosaic – new feature

The android 4.4 is also expected to include additions like “Moving mosaic” a new additional feature which can be accessed when pressing the KitKat logo, and resembles to be an Android OS timeline showing Android’s journey from Cup Cake (1.5) To Jelly Bean (4.3), and also includes new icons for you tube, settings, Google, and Voice Search and Quick Office app for editing Microsoft Office files.

We hope that this time android prove to be more efficient and stand up to world’s expectations and can actually kit Kat its fans enhancing more and more Android App development and Mobile App Development.

So What will be new in KitKat

  • Allow 3rd party app as default texting option directly from the OS
  • Dial pad autocomplete for phone numbers and names, improved tap-typing recognition, battery-saving wi-fi location options
  • Bluetooth Smart support, improved graphics, and restricted profiles for different apps
  • Native Printing Option for Android devices and a payment feature that hints at built-in NFC payments.(rather than via third-party apps)
  • KitKat could also include a Miracast-based feature for wireless video output to TVs and may bring a few minor changes to the dialler pad, such as a white notifications instead of blue ones