Before we indulge with the specifics, let us direct you to two important statistics: In the global market, companies have collectively spent a whopping, $ 9 Billion alone on customer support. Source Despite that, 40% of consumers start buying from rivals thanks to bad customer help: Compelling statistics, and quite astonishing too. However, you can easily understand one thing with these numbers—money does not guarantee success. Companies know that customer support is critical for any organization, and rightly so. It is important that top quality service is provided in that domain alone by companies if they want to woo and retain people. But, isn’t it vital that your organization must not overspend on the matter? Yes, the Return on Investment will always be good if you put money for enhancing the consumer experience. Still, a lot depends on putting money in the right place rather than about putting away abundance money frivolously!

Source: How to Reduce Your Customer Support Budget without Affecting Quality – Tagove