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Why Start-up Business requires best UX and UI Designs

User Experience and User Interface are very much needed as these represent an aspect of person’s interaction with a given IT system considering the interface, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction and the manual. When as a user you approach several applications, then it recalls about user experience. User interface is what users see when they access an application. Here is a lot to talk about to achieve best UX design practice that can be tempted for you to focus on flash over experience.

User Interface Prototyping also plays an important role as it is an iterative analysis technique in which users are actively involved in mocking-up of the UI for a system. It fulfils the purpose as a design artifact that enables you to explore the solution space of your system. It works as an analysis artifact that enables you to explore the problem space with stakeholders and as a requirement artifact to initially envision the system and numerous.

User Interface Prototyping follows prescribed steps followed back to back, firstly, UI prototyping process; followed by essential user interface, screen sketchers, concrete UI prototype (HTML page). It is critical to understand that you don’t need to create a prototype for the entire system. It is very common to prototype a small portion of user interface. You need to understand the underlying business, get an interface expert who can help you to design and you are also supposed keep in mind that small details can make or break your user interface. There are some practical tips to chase to have best UI practices:

  • Lead Generation
  • Consistent Navigation
  • Fonts
  • Fogg’s Behaviour Model
  • Gamification
  • Responsive Design
  • Testing
  • Understanding Customers

Aforementioned UX design practices should not be overlooked and should be strictly followed. If we talk about user experience, a level of psychology is involved in this process. User experience design is a complex set of activities and, in fact, a way of thinking. In the age of user experience design, your users expect your product to be well designed. And it’s really important for the sake of your company that you remember: UX design does not equal wire framing. Anyone can wireframe – it’s a rather simple activity; many people can write simple HTML code, but not everyone can design experiences. A true nature of user experience design exceeds the techniques that we use to express our design ideas. User interface development ties in closely with user experience development.

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