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Windows 8.1 Global Announcement review

Microsoft has revealed its newly updated version 8.1 before a year launching of windows 8. It says that it’s a commitment by them in the technology oriented world to continuously remodelling the people’s satisfaction and feedback. It also says that they are very much excited to have the richer feedback by customers enjoying with new Microsoft devices. The newer version is inculcated with the varieties of updates and improvements and hence is very much successful in presenting a new scope for all users of windows 7 and windows 8. It has also announced free installation for those who are dealing with windows 8 at present.

What’s new that is developing the strong assemblage of people? The new windows 8.1 has got updated with a start button, not like the earlier start menu but you can easily hold up with simultaneous windows and easily move between desktop and different layouts. It is like you should be aware of everything before you install it on your PC or mobile. A new app locker can be accessed by swiping down on the start screen, very much similar to android app. The start screen has been updated with variations of extra-large and extra small in tile sizes with slide show at the lock screen by pictures being saved at sky drive or hard drive.

Windows store of 8.1 has been improved and enriched with numerous features and details. It has updated with more information comparatively and will serve you with all latest updates, apps, releases and picks for ease. You can charm your desktop in the very easy way where you can manage screen resolutions, tools, apps and numerous more. Windows 8.1 also supports 50-50 screen sharing of apps and also have better syncing, internet explorer 11 which is to boost up the speed and optimised touch and sky drive improvements like auto picture upload, and setting of sky drive as default location for your files.

Microsoft has updated Xbox music and its search engine Bing in a better way. It has implied gesture control over some apps and multitasking changes that will enhance additional retaliation. Hence it is like long wait end ups in the beautiful and presentable way that has summed up by additive and usable profits in all apps and devices. It is rich in Mobile Application Development. Microsoft is currently working on Xbox game app for its more developed scenario and will publish it soon. The new and the rising Microsoft at the same time has found with a blunder when people committed about errors in installation. It failed again and again and then was found with a message of failure and restored with previous version.

windows 8.1 update message

Problem although occurred but it was almost fixed into some other laptops and processors. The new updates are not user friendly but very soon it becomes easier to make with them. We wish the same for Microsoft Corporation that they very soon come out with better results and feedbacks.

Windows 8.1 new update Windows 8.1 update