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Ubuntu phones and tablets

Ubuntu phones and tablets are new contentions intending into the latest and important gadgets like phones and tablets. It’s an operating system that has been developed by Canonical Ltd. It has got the Ubuntu touch which is mobile interface that is meant for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablet computers. It is actually based on Linux Kernel and Linux Distribution and is distributed as free and open software. Ubuntu uses simple and natural swiping gestures and has aroused a new standard for the post PC era. It gives bright, beautiful and natural concept.

Ubuntu has got the newest and unbeatable feature that it can present complete PC into a phone or vice versa. It has got its own hardware, its own OS and own applications, which can be run with all PC’s and mobile applications with no obligations and can run simultaneously with other OS and apps. It supports a new kind of convergence device, by connecting mouse and keyboard, Ubuntu will completely work as if your own PC rather than a tablet.

Ubuntu phones and tablets application development

Ubuntu has presented different scenarios in mobile world and have enhanced the ease of accessing mobile phones. It is very much compatible with other devices and can be sync accordingly to Ubuntu interfaces and does not allow the need to go back to home every time. It has got a short swipe that will present all the available applications and which can be clicked and used instantly. It has got the highest speed to fluctuate between running apps and favourite apps than any other phone ever. All open tabs will be shown on a screen, running simultaneously by swiping up to the last app being used or using. You can easily control applications by swiping up from the bottom edge and it has got its own icons and has made easy for web developers to install their sites as full applications. You can have good security of infrastructure and desktop using Ubuntu’s browser. You will have very much flexibility in finding anything and anywhere and has got very neat, personalized graphics and is very much organised in its own way. You can find everything which you expect and in a phone, you can feel life in its pictures and it has also updated better conversations with quick and instant replies to all messages. Ubuntu can also be used as a full PC for various android phones. It is like to fit PC into your pocket and same is with Ubuntu with android.

Ubuntu has also launched it heavy and wonderful impact over tablet computers. Ubuntu’s multitasking creativity and productivity, security and thrifty features has made its scope higher in many devices. It offers safety and confidential sharing; magical edges with no hardships in navigation, instant launch, a beautiful gallery at your view, majestic cloud connectivity and voice control, all the wonderful and desired applications, fast and instantaneous search, and many more, which is above imagination and expectation of an individual.

Ubuntu phones and tablets application development

Ubuntu, notwithstanding but still has given much more than anything and sooner or later will be a big winner in its own community. Canonicals’ hope of raising around 32 million dollars to build the Ubuntu’s edge, a powerful phone, is on the track and will reach up to its destination soon. The main difference is that it’s designed for use for personal computers. It has improved GUI to make it much easier for the users to use and do the daily tasks. There are millions of users of Ubuntu these days because it’s free to use and it’s getting better and better as improvements are being done on a daily basis and are being passed along free of charge.