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Microsoft’s Modish Unveiled Updates and New Technologies – Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro

Microsoft has created a seamless transition between Work, Home and Field.

Microsoft has undertaken fair changes in its Surface Tablet Computers by presenting, Surface 2 and Surface Pro2. He said “reinventing the wheel is not the goal, making it better is”. And thus he came out with almighty and long lasting chipset, improved battery life, better screen, and more ports with updated, latest and fresh accessories.

Microsoft has gently improved its mistakes and thus made tablets better than Surface duo. Surface 2 Pro has been updated with new Haswell processor from Intel, that in turn has caused it to run faster, cooler and assuming less energy in accessing processes and programs.  Proceeding, we have new Touch Cover 2, more attenuated, slender and lighter than original one, with funky colours like, Pink, Purple, Black and White, with more rigidity, register keystrokes with greater accuracy and features updated sensors that support variety of gestures across the entire keyboard. Cover has got backlighting and silent keys, thus giving typical feel of a laptop. Value added services have been provided to get best out of Surface 2 and Surface Pro2. Customers will have free Skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries for one year, with unlimited Skype Wi-Fi on their gadgets at more than 2 million hotspots and 200 GB free SkyDrive storage for two years.

Microsoft Surface 2 pro

Surface 2 is the valuable, vigorous and worthwhile starting at dollar 449 and runs a lightweight version of Windows “RT” that works for specified and particular applications. It has also got excellent front facing camera capabilities. Power Cover, Docking Station (easy connection between desktop PC peripherals), Wireless Adaptor for Typing Covers (for connecting magnetically to any touch or type cover), etc., have been announced to make Surface more portable, flexible and productive. Even slick wireless mouse designed is proved to be helpful and thus it has refreshed the Surface line up with devices that feel better on the lap. Although it has also got obligations over games but still is comparable with iPads and has given smooth touch to its Surface.

As a whole Microsoft wraps off many more gadgets, in which Surface 2 is smart looking, Handsome, with higher benefits of connectivity, usage and others. Like a laptop, both are well balanced and equally beneficial and it has presented complete package resting thirst of all gadget and productivity lovers.