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Is IPhone 5S World’s Best Phone Beating Samsung Galaxy S4

10th September, launching of iPhone 5S has competed this year earlier launched Samsung galaxy S4. It’s now up to world about realization and decision making up to world’s best phone with new, magnificent and pleasurable features, that lacks nowhere in enlightening the people. GS3 was minutely updated to GS4, but looking at 5S, it shows more iterative updates from its minors. Still to come at the point, which one of them is best, we are supposed to compare the both crown jewels. Is Samsung still ahead of apple or apple will definitely anticipate Samsung?

The solution to aforementioned question is active participation in the race. Both the phones have changed the smartphone market. To start with, 5S has the same size as earlier iPhone 5, and is after GS4 as it is large in dimensions that are 10%taller and 19%wider. Although the weight of 5S (112g) is 14%lighter than GS4 (130g), still it is ahead due to its larger dimensions. Body of apple 5S is of aluminium and that of Samsung is plastic. Display, processor, RAM and storage makes a little difference but sense makes for GS4 is of higher priority. Apple has got the fingerprint sensor, at the same time GS4 has not, but Gs4 has got NFC where apple has not. Both are provided with LTE and have their own soft wares as iOS7 (apple) and Android 4.2 Touchwiz UI (GS4), here conclusion is made as Samsung packs as many softwares as it can where as apple concentrates and highlights new additional features every year.

iphone 5s and samsung galaxy s4 comparison

Apart from above comparison if we sum up, we find that Samsung stands at its own place and presents variant features more focused as compare to apple and it has also got larger screen and resolution but striking at this note, only a fingerprint feature can might trump them all. Also we are very much clear that comparison is not clear enough as it takes us at no upshot. Spending some more days with it, we would may reach to some points that will give us bestest phone around the world. Contact Just Total Tech for professional iphone app development and android app development by london based company.