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A New feature of Google Chrome for your Desktop

Google announced its chrome apps for windows desktop users, on the official 5th birthday of Google chrome browser. The main advantage brought into this is that these apps are accessible on offline mode or outside the browser if you have chrome being installed on your windows computer. These apps are found to be more powerful and you can get all your work done in easier way, can enjoy games on full desktop screen, and can have interactive content all from the web. It has come with taskbar based launcher for windows machines. It boosts offline functionality with pretty significant development and it will be compatible to Mac and Linux very soon.

Let’s go through some of the frequent apps being provided. Image editing software Pixlr touch up, productive tool wunderlist, interesting 3D game cracking sands, and you can access all @ Chrome Web Store. It provides more applications which are directly accessible with the same speed support and you will be updated with all apps on regular basis automatically. It has better cloud connectivity, and you can also continue with any one of apps simultaneously with the same location. Google chrome, after five years’ experience has given extravagant apps for desktop and has blossomed the Web in its all unique way. At the same time, you are free to connect your connecting devices like USB, Bluetooth, including Digital Cameras.

chrome application development

With the help of Chrome App Launcher, you can get to your favourite apps in much faster way, which will appear after first installation of new chrome app. It will remain in your taskbar and you can access them like other applications present on your desktop outside chrome. Thus it seems that the development in chrome has lead distinguished and noticeable access in elementary and expeditious manner.