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Glimpse of Facebook’s News Feed Metamorphosis

Social Media Marketing has already an important scrap for all in day to day life that offers better manageability and helps in gaining high intensity traffic through Social Media Websites. To manage social media sites to enhance the visibility of the ads placed and to put efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks, Facebook has remained sturdy in creating better News Feed Experience and it has achieved greater transparency in its look out. Recently, transfiguration has made on 7th march 2012, in the concern of News Feed, about which Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced, biggest alteration in seven years history. “He emphasized how Facebook wants to give the world the best Personalized Newspaper’’ which will be soon propelling to all users in the entire world.

The innovation mainly arises into three parts viz. Visually Engaging Stories, Choice of Different Feeds and Mobile Consistency. Facebook has focused on intensification and enrolment of look and photos over new News Feed. Now videos are more fascinating and your cover page will be revealed with your brand name, to represent the sense about it. It has invested into high quality and high resolution images, for rich amenities, attraction and location.

Facebook News Feed

The second generic feature being evaluated is the flexibility in toggle between different information feeds on the basis of topics. Information relevant to all friends, games, followers, photos, music, recent all are involved as a mixed content of new feed that directly impacts your content strategy.

The new News Feed is very much compatible to all devices like, Mobile App, web and tabs. It gives more personified and simplified user experience, just like it is very much easy to switch over to any newly posted news and stories, from anywhere in the Facebook, with the help of side bar menu.

“Selection Strategy regarding stories to be included in News Feed”

The selection depends upon mainly 5 factors, story bumping, last actor, chronological by actor, post type and public popularity. Now you have grabbed all the astonishing features recently added to Facebook News Feed, through which you can excogitate new innovative ways to penetrate users news feed so that maximum users can have access over your content and you can also develop remarkable content in order to target more followers.

Thus, Facebook has restructured and reoriented its network, based on demand and gratefulness for visual content from its users, it’s time for marketers to reconstruct their content strategy and cycle for fulfilling demands from prospects, leads and customers.