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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c – One to Fascinate All

Apple, the name itself reveals the majestic brand, which is spoken on every mouth due to its own essence that has been added in the smart phones domain. To make it being reached to one and all, it has revealed its two new next generation phones with   additional modish features and breath-taking colours.

Are you all ready for it????

So let’s have a brief look over it to pour it in your latest and smart gadget list.

The rich gold standard along with shining grey, dark black and silver colours has been introduced; iPhone 5s has got beautiful aluminium housing. Sleekness of metal and glass with Sapphire crystal in the Home button and more sapphire crystal protecting the iSight camera has enriched its design and construction with the unmatched level. As a result, iPhone 5s looks and feels unbelievably thin, light and evident throughout. A chip with 64-bit architecture, a fingerprint identity sensor, a better, faster and high definition camera and an operating system built specifically for 64-bit, M7 coprocessor, ultra-fast LTE wireless, iOS7 for features like smarter multitasking, Airdrop and Control Centre, that enhances more easy, fast and enjoyed work and many more that makes you do anything beyond imagination and without limits, and ahead of time.

Iphone 5S app development

For more attraction and valuable features, iPhone 5c has come into existence owing its own identity and lovable facial characteristics. It’s beautiful plastic body with brilliant and vibrant colours like lime green, lemon yellow, sky blue, strawberry pink and white and serves with multiple personalities. Sound with A6 chip, ultra-fast LTE wireless, iSight and high definition camera, iOS7 operating system, built in apps, the App store, iCloud foe easy sharing with iOS devices and more additional lineaments make it all successful and enriched phone.

Iphone 5C app development

If we talk about its most important advocate, then one should not forget iOS7 that was even designed thinking about iPhone 5s. It is abide by, Air Drop, App store, Camera, Control Centre, iOS in the Car, Live Wallpapers, Multitasking, Music and iTunes Radio, Photos, safari, Siri and many more trusted devices.

Thus compared to previous generations, apple day-by-day is providing its invaluable and inestimable gadgets to the world that can be use anyhow and anywhere without any limitation innovated with incredible technology and structural integrity. Contact us for ios 7 based iphone app development.