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Agile and Scrum – Effective Management Methodology for software development

Well known about traditional software development methodologies, Waterfall Model and SDLC (software Development Life Cycle) which were structured and well regulated approaches used in development and evolution of various soft wares, in the catalogue a new name aroused over last year i.e., Agile and Scrum. The methodology is one of the Repetitious and Cumulative software development framework that reduces the documentation to lower heights in concern of higher gains and productivity.


Scrum agile project management


Agile – Scrum organization concerns three supreme players viz. Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team. The technique is light weighted and Plan based  and is self centred on priorities and precedence. It relies on real  world progress of a project, thus first it plans and then releases schedule, thus the task is never predicted or speculated but it reorients the work process in project’s direction for completion of work. The most supported and used methods are Scrum, Extreme Programming, Adaptive Software Development (ASD) and Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM).


anile software development method


The primary advantages being offered are versatility and flexibility in projects and application management, Iteration, incrementation in productivity, being a participatory method its enhances communication and hence it serves as a Operational Application development that evolves more and more features every time. Scrum development method