Kishna Foundation

The Kishna Foundation will be scheduling small groups (20 people or less) to travel to, from and within Guyana each year to facilitate the goals of Guyana Helping Hands Project. Trips are 7-10 days in duration. The efforts of The Kishna Foundation address rural areas of Guyana.

The Kishna Foundation is a humanitarian organization working in Guyana, South America. The Kishna Foundation will provide wholesome food, nutritional education, basic clothing, housing repair assistance, minor medical guidance, and over-the-counter medicines to those in need.

The Kishna Foundation will also assist children of this area by giving donations to the orphanages, providing school books, educational materials, computer training classes, language classes, as well as music and Yoga classes in the Temple.

The Kishna Foundation will also provide food, clothing and other basic necessities to those living at the Dharam Sala — Guyana’s homes for the elderly.